It doesn’t matter how or who you love: the main thing is safe. But what’s the best way to protect yourself during sex? We will help you and cover the costs of a consultation to clarify which contraceptive is perfect for you. Your gynecologist knows them all, so make an appointment right away. And dear boys, don’t forget: contraception is also a men’s business.

Suddenly pregnant!  And now? A thousand questions that you would like to ask someone who really knows what to do right away. Our tip: just do it. Experts from all areas will help you on the AOK medical information hotline. Whether you are a midwife, specialist, dentist, pharmacist, nurse or nutritionist: someone is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those insured with AOK can call the info phone free of charge on 0800 1 265 265.

Girl Charlotte Weissbach
Boy Malte Schoschies
Sleeping Boy Benjamin Z. Phyo
Girlfriend Nadine Beer
Boyfriend Sebastian Sander
Best friend (blond) Katrin Reinhardt
Best friend (dark hair) Mira Barry
Director & DP Daniel Schua
Producer Anett Grünbeck
Gaffer Toni Schultz
First AC Flu Popow
Set Design Anika Klatt
Editor Andy Kolb
Colorist Stephan Kuch
Client AOK
Agency Wynken Blynken & Nod
Production Namoto Film

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