Daniel Schua is a Hamburg based Director of Photography. The moment he first picked up a camera. completely changed the way he experienced the world. Daniel was captivated by the interplay of light and shadow and the way it evokes emotions and brings out what’s within us.

Soon, his passion turned into profession and he got commissioned by various clients to shoot commercials. In 2012, Daniel laid his technical foundation at the Media University of Stuttgart graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering. In 2016 he became a student at the renowned Hamburg Media School where he studied cinematography and worked as a Director of Photography on numerous awarded short films an commercials. After graduating in 2018, Daniel stayed in Hamburg to pursue his passionate dream by working as a freelance DP.

Through his commercial and narrative work the young Director of Photography already gained wide experience in visual storytelling combined with a relentless passion for aesthetics and a distinctive look and feel. With his unique talent to capture authentic moments with precise technical execution, Daniel takes people on a emotional journey.

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Daniel Schua
Director of Photography
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