Short Film


Alima and Farah, two sisters, are living a perfectly normal teenage life in Germany. They go to school everyday, have friends in Germany, and have a home. They are completely integrated. Nevertheless, they are scared. Scared that on any given night, they could be taken and sent off to a country that has long since become a strange land to them. And then, suddenly, comes that night.


*The full short film is available upon request.

Farah Bercem Kocaman
Alima Solmaz Saradieh
Ismail Hassan Lazouane
Director Jonathan Behr
Exec. Producer Daniel Breiding
Producer Mara Köhler, Julian Haisch
Writer Jonathan Behr
Gaffer Jan Weidenbacher
First AC Lea Dähne
Second AC Jasmin Vollmer
Set Design Tim Peter
Editor Daniel Maier
Composer Steffen Brinkmann
Colorist Sebastian Hermann
Production Hochschule der Medien
Distribution International Film Festivals

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