Matthew Wood

Resilient Tears

The music video of „Resilient Tears“ which was shot in Cebu, Philippines, tells Matthew’s journey of finding hope and joy again after the most hurtful time of his life. Breaking up with his first real love after nearly 8 years to save themself from drowning together. Being smothered by pain, hopelessness, loneliness and depression, it resembles Matthew’s fight to keep going. Looking forward to a better future, being covered in resilient tears. The usually glamorous and flabbergasting artist is serving a brand new side – the person behind Matthew Wood. The vulnerability behind the glam and extravaganza. He wanted to share this with everyone who has lost hope and joy at some point, who is facing panic attacks and depression or is going through a rough time, telling them it’s all gonna be ok.

Matthew Wood Matthew Wood
Director & DP Daniel Schua
Art Director Matthew Wood
Concept Matthew Wood & Daniel Schua
Colorist Daniel Schua

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