Child Helpline International

The Fear of Tomorrow

A recent study has shown, that more than 45% of children and young adults under the age of 25 feel that climate anxiety is increasingly affecting their daily lives. The vast number of people affected by this anxiety disorder, which has hardly been researched so far, and the mindset of young adults towards children inspired Nelis Friedrichs to write this story. It was particularly important to us not to represent any political opinion, but rather to draw attention to the victims. The fear of tomorrow adresses the impacts of climate anxiety among children and young adults.

Boy Alahgy Traore
Mother Binntou Traore
Lina Caroline Hartig
Chrissi Greta Deer
Monster Sophie Bodnar
Director Nelis Friedrichs
DP Daniel Schua
Executive Producer Catharina Kroll
Executive Producer Nelis Friedrichs
Producer Marc Fabrega
1st AC Jan Nieschulz
Gaffer Daniel Uhle
Set Design & Styling Matthias Kumer
Styling Assistant Stina Nies
Sounddesign Udo Baumhögger
Colorist Manuel Portschy
Editor David Herbst
Composer Sebastian Schuetze
Voice Tomas Rabbering

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