Feature Film

The Social Experiment

The feature film „The Social Experiment“ is about Adrian and his best friends who want to solve an escape game, but then find themselves in a behavior analysis experiment. The experiment is carried out by two scientists. In order to be able to tailor the games exactly to the strengths, weaknesses and characteristics of the participants, they programmed an AI. The friends are tested the hardest and played off against each other. As the game progresses, it’s not just the AI ​​that evolves. A struggle for life and death begins. Everyone has to question themselves and their beliefs and choose a side.

Adrian Marven Gabriel Suarez-Brinkert
Iris Raffaela Kraus
Kai Claudiu Mark Draghici
Nancy Emilia Djalili
Luke Gustav Strunz
Dustin Elmo Anton Stratz
Neil Thapelo Mashiane
Director Pascal Schröder
First AD Gerrit Beduhn
Producer Andreas Schlieter
Gaffer On Location Max Berg
Gaffer Studio Peter Assmann
First AC Florian Hornung
Second AC Moritz Freimuth
Writer Raffaela Kraus
Colorist Florian Schäfer
Production Gipfelstürmer Filmproduktion
Distribution Tobis Film

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