What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be strong? Do you have to be self confident, deny vulnerability? What does it mean to be competitive? To be ahead of everyone else, to be relentless? What does it mean to follow the rules? Do you have to prove yourself, to be reckless? What does it mean: to be yourself?

Don’t let anybody stop you. Follow your instincts, beyond all limits. You have to create your own path. Chasing your dreams. Leaving everything behind. To find something new. To find yourself.

X Malte Thomsen
Y Thomas Rabbering
Director Nelis Friedrichs
Producer Marc Fabrega
First AC Raphael Zschätzsch
Editor Daniel Schua & Nelis Friedrichs
Music Evan MacDonald
Colorist Marina Starke
Sounddesign Eike Köllmann

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